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Golden Rule BibleTM
Volume 3
John and His Epistles

   James taught about an utterance which he identified as being the King's Law, "Love your neighbor as yourself":

he birthed us through the utterance of truth... be doers of the utterance... the Law of Freedom... the King's Law, 'Love your neighbor as yourself'" — James 1.18, 22, 25, 2.8

   Paul also labelled the utterance "Love your neighbor as yourself" as being the King's Law [Galatians 5.14, 6.2]. Both James and Paul equated "the utterance" with Jesus' entire legal code.

   John also considered Jesus' utterance ("Love one another") to be Jesus' entire legal code ("the commandment"):

"in keeping Jesus’ utterance, we know that we are in Jesus.... I’m not writing down a new commandment for you, but an old commandment that you had from the beginning. That old commandment is the utterance that you’ve heard.... I’m not writing it to you as a new commandment, but the one we’ve had from the beginning: 'Love one another.'" — 1 John 2.5-7; 2 John 5

   Matthew, Paul, James, and John all taught that Jesus' utterance requiring brotherly love is the entirety of Jesus' legal code. Hence, everyone who loves others is born of God and knows God:

"If you know that he is benevolent, you know that everyone who practices benevolence is born of him.... let us love one another, because love is from God, and everyone who loves has been born of God and knows God." — 1 John 2.29; 4.7

   Romans, Galatians, Matthew, James, and John's writings all taught brotherly love as the entire Law and Judgment Day standard.

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