Volume 1

   Traditionalists chastise Golden-Rule-based denominations for embracing homosexual members, and advocating marriage equality. Traditionalists commonly appeal to Leviticus 20.13:

If a man lies with another male as one does with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination. They will certainly be put to death.

   Jewish law required the death penalty for homosexuality (Leviticus 20.13). Paul wrote about homosexuality in Romans 1.24-32—a discussion on “things worthy of death.” Therefore, either Paul included homosexuality in things worthy of death (affirming Leviticus 20.13); or Paul used homosexuality as his counterexample to things worthy of death (repudiating Leviticus 20.13 instead). This raises an intriguing question: Did Apostle Paul repudiate Leviticus 20.13?

    There are more than a dozen aspects to Paul’s letter which, each on their own merit, signify that Paul wrote the passage to publicly denounce Leviticus 20.13. And when all of these aspects are taken together, Paul’s overt repudiation of Leviticus 20.13 becomes unequivocal.

    The conservatives' claim of upholding the Biblical view of homosexuality is fully repudiated by this oft-overlooked fact: The Apostle Paul originally began his letter to the Romans with a public denunciation of Leviticus 20.13.

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