Colloquial Greek

   The Golden Rule BibleTM doesn't contain the religious notions of 'righteousness,' 'sin,' and 'grace.' Rather, it translates these words according to how they were used in everyday first-century life. (The Golden Rule BibleTM uses colloquial Greek not institution-invented religious Greek.)

   Consider 1 John in colloquial Greek:

By this the children of God and the children of the devil are evident: Anyone who does not practice benevolence is not of God (namely he who doesn't love his brother because this is the message which you have heard from the beginning: love one another).

   Conventional Bibles say "practice righteousness." Yet, the colloquial "practice benevolence" seamlessly ties together the original message of brotherly love.

   Consider James in colloquial Greek:

Now if you are accomplishing the King’s Law according to scripture, “Love your neighbor as yourself,” you are behaving properly. But if you discriminate based on personal appearances, you are missing the mark, and are indicted under the Law as lawbreakers.

   Conventional Bibles insert the ambiguous religious notion of "sin" into the passage. Yet, in colloquial Greek, James' message is both specific and profound. This passage continues on to say that only missing the mark of Jesus' Law of brotherly love will incur God's wrath on Judgment Day.

   Consider Galatians in colloquial Greek:

I do not nullify God's favor, for if exoneration comes through the Torah, then King Messiah died for nothing.... You've been severed from King Messiah, you who are seeking to be exonerated by Torah; you have fallen from the favor.... you are enslaved to one another in love because [Jesus'] Law is fulfilled in one utterance, "Love your neighbor as yourself."... Lift one anothers' burdens and in this manner fulfill King Messiah's Law....

   Conventional Bibles insert the religious notion of "grace." Yet, Paul simply taught: God did humanity the favor of freeing us from Torah in order to be enslaved to Jesus' Law of brotherly love instead. Paul, James, and John colloquially expressed the very same tenet: salvation by obedience to benevolence.

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