Biblical Salvation

    The original New Testament taught a simple message: salvation by obedience to benevolence. This was the seamless, unified message of the original Greek text.

   Salvation by obedience to benevolence is a simple concept. However, evangelicals rewrote obedience as belief, and traditionalists rewrote benevolence as religiousness. Translations now contain three competing teachings: Brotherly love fulfills the entire law; yet salvation is by faith apart from law; yet converts must fulfill the entire Old Testament moral code.

   The original Greek text communicated one seamless message: Brotherly love fulfills the entire law therefore salvation is by faith apart from the Torah's Jobs (precepts unrelated to brotherly love) therefore fulfill the Torah's Justices (the precepts related to brotherly love). The Golden Rule BibleTM restores this seamless message that originally launched the Faith in the first place.

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