Benevolence or Religiousness?

    Modern Bibles teach: Brotherly love fulfills the entire law yet no homosexual shall enter God's kingdom. The translations are self-contradictory. As EP Sanders notes: "There is nothing self-evident, on the basis of the principle 'love your neighbor,' about saying that homosexuals would not inherit the kingdom of God (1 Corinthians 6.9-11)."

   In the Greek, Paul's writings simply don't contain such blatant contradictions. Rather, Paul wrote: Brotherly love fulfills the entire law therefore no rapists of young boys shall enter God's kingdom.

   The Greek word used by Paul had only one meaning at the time he wrote his letter: rapists of young boys. Raping young boys is a cruel act; a grotesque violation of benevolence. But modern Bibles rewrote the verse as a condemnation of "homosexuals" (not "rapists of young boys"). They rewrote a grotesque violation of benevolence as a violation of a religious sexual taboo instead.

   The original Greek New Testament only excluded one group of people from God's Kingdom: those lacking benevolence. The Golden Rule BibleTM restores this most fundamental teaching. For more information: click here.

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