"Paul's attitude toward the law has been one of the most puzzling and seemingly insolvable in biblical study," wrote James Sanders (acknowledging the 1970's state of Biblical scholarship).

    In 1994, leading Biblical scholars met at a five-day symposium to focus on resolving Paul's seeminly complex view of law. Yet, at the end, the chairman wrote: "Major questions remain.... Can all Paul's statements about the law be synthesized into a single coherent view?"

   This inability to synthesize Paul's view of law underlies the many paradoxes found in conventional translations:

   In 2013, the first systematic synthesis of Paul's view of law was published in Pauline Paradoxes Decoded by Michael Wood. Wood's synthesis demonstrated that all Paul's legal statements converge to teach brotherly love as the entirety of Christian obligation.

   The Golden Rule BibleTM uniquely combines: Wood's systematic synthesis, colloquial Greek, and a reformatted chapter/verse style.

   Through the above, the English reader is finally able to see the unified benevolence-based message which originally ran throughout the Koine Greek New Testament.

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