Modern Bibles use "righteousness" words almost two hundred times: righteous, righteousness, etc. These translations teach a salvation based on the religious concept of righteousness.

   First-century authors generally used those Greek words opposite of the way they are currently translated. (They often used those words to distinguish the just treatment of others from religious obligations.)

    Moreover, due to the influence of Stoicism, these words even became synonymous with benevolence and loving-kindness. Thus, proper translation of these words affects the entire New Testament message. For example, compare the teachings of the New International Version (NIV) to the Golden Rule BibleTM (GRB):

NIV: Resurrection of the righteous.

GRB: Resurrection of the benevolent.

NIV: Salvation by righteousness.

GRB: Salvation by loving-kindness.

NIV: Punished for unrighteousness.

GRB: Punished for unkindness.

    Golden-Rule-based denominations have long promoted brotherly love as the entirety of the Christian ethic. The Golden Rule BibleTM translation confirms that these denominations promote the same teaching as the New Testament authors themselves... including the apostle Paul.

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